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Those who want to achieve big things must not neglect the small things

As a future-orientated, medium-sized logistics service provider, it is part of Müller + Partner's daily business to organise the transportation of goods.

We are aware of the negative impacts the transportation of goods has on the environment with respect to energy, noise, exhaust gases, waste and (waste) water. We are therefore continually working on preventing environmental strains within the scope of our possibilities and, if this is not possible, minimising them.

The impacts of our current activities on our local environment are monitored and assessed. In order for this to be even more successful in the future, we want to increase our commitment to the environment even further and anchor it in our company philosophy. We will be continually improving our environment management system and our environment services for this purpose. Preventive measures should help avoid accidents and prevent any emissions caused.

Together with the responsible authorities, procedures are worked on and kept up to date in order to keep potentially arising risks as low as possible. We incorporate the contract partners working on our behalf in our relationships and risks. Because all of our efforts are also made by our employees, we rely on their ideas and support and we promote awareness of responsibility at all levels.

Good communication is very important to us; both within our company and with customers, business partners and members of the public.

We oblige ourselves to comply with the relevant legal regulations for the protection of the environment. However, this represents a minimum level for us because active environmental protection always goes beyond the level required by law. We can therefore, as an economic operator, do justice to our increasing responsibility towards ecology. We ensure the continuity of our dedication through internal and external audits on our environmental management system.

Environmental Certificate

Müller + Partner GmbH is environmentally certified according to ISO 14001:2004. You can find the certificate here